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Dr. Jason Yu here, I will be running these masterclasses to go through difficult stations and university-specific information. I expect everyone who lives in Sydney Metropolitan region to be present. Interviews are social activity and as such I want to be able to interact with you live and in-person where possible. Of course I would also like to put some names to faces and meet everyone! ~ Dr. Jason Yu

  • 10am - 3pm, 4th and 5th November
  • Room CB11.03.301, Level 3 Building 11, 81 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007

Please ensure you have completed these parts of coursework before you come to get the most out of your experience. 

  • Coursework:
    • CAR/STAR Framework
    • Why Medicine
    • Answer Framework for Scenarios
    • Ethical Stations
  • Course Book:
  • Interview Question Bank: 

If you ever need to know exactly what goes down at a specific university interview, you can always go the Welcome section in our course page where you will find a series of What to Expect lessons for each university. This section will tell you everything you need to know about the number of stations, timing of each stations, the types of questions to expect and what to expect for online interviews specifically. Stay tuned as it will be constantly updated.

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What is the masterclass?

I, Dr. Jason Yu teach our masterclass.

The structure is heavily discussion-based and those who actively participate will derive an incredible amount of value. I’ve designed the content to be centered around tackling tough ethical and moral dilemmas as well as discussing the quirks and nuances of various universities and medical schools.

Everyone is assumed to be equipped with the fundamentals from our online course and we will spend the valuable in-person time we have together discussing high-yield concepts.

🗺️ Where: CB11.03.301, Level 3, Building 11, 81 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007

📅 When: 2 Days, 4th-5th November 2023, 10am-3pm with a lunch break in between.
Complete Recordings are now available in the Student Portal.

👨‍🏫 Why: The masterclass is taught by Dr. Jason Yu who is a senior clinician and former interview panelist, and is intended to build on the fundamentals that students have established through the video course and online materials. 

📚 What: We will be covering different universities on each of the days. You will have the opportunity to analyse and breakdown interview questions together with Dr Jason and learn how he approaches these questions. Students will have the opportunity to receive personal feedback on their responses.

Join us on the 16th June at UTS and ask your questions and meet the team in-person. We’d love to have you! ~ Dr. Jason Yu

What is a mock interview?

Mock Interviews are live simulations of the real interview process.

Most medical universities in Australia now conduct interviews online through Zoom. To simulate this process we similarly conduct our interviews through video conferencing. We spend extenuating amounts of time to design our mocks to simulate the timing, questions and points/ideas we mark for.

📅 Booking: Mock Interviews can be booked at any time through our online book portal at a time that is convenient for you.

👨‍🏫 Universities Available: You can view the universities and mocks we have available below. If you do not see a university on the list, please contact us as we may be able to make a special arrangement for you.

University Mocks Available Mock Type
University of New South Wales 5 Panel
Western Sydney / Charles Sturt Joint Program of Medicine 4 MMI
University of Newcastle / New England Joint Medical Program 4 MMI
James Cook University 3 SSI
Monash University 3 MMI
Bond University 2 MMI

Welcome back!

If you are a new student you are more than welcome to join the family! Take a look at some of the medical interview courses we offer or if you aren’t sure you can always send a message to our socials below or call us!