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UCAT Simulation

Mock Month

Build your confidence with familiarity by simulating real test conditions of Pearson test centres. Exam period for Mock I is 1st to 15th June 2024 and Mock II is from 15th June to 30th June 2024.

Sit the UCAT before you sit the UCAT.

Sydney Live UCAT Testing Centre

Every year, some students do worse and some do better than their average practice results. How are these students different?
Many people are emotional test takers and their performance is easily swayed by pressure and anxiety. Not just from the test itself but the key clicking, the pen tapping of other test takers, the heavy breathing of the person next to you, the uncomfortable earbuds, no water bottles, the ID checks, the old keyboards and dodgy screens…
The best way to deal with that pressure/anxiety?

Simulate the real UCAT exam at our centre.

Our mission is to provide aspiring medical students with an unparalleled UCAT mock exam experience, meticulously designed to emulate the real test environment with utmost attention to detail.

Analyse your Performance at Home

After sitting the exam, you can revise what you got wrong at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

The results of your exam are marked automatically and therefore instantly available. The percentiles will be published after the testing period of each mock exam as it requires everyone’s results to calculate. Please allow time for us to calculate after the exam period.

Break Down your Performance w/ the Best in Australia

3500 99%tile

After each mock exam, you’ll receive a comprehensive performance analysis, including your percentile ranking compared to your peers. Our head UCAT tutor, Sri Bhogadi, with an exceptional UCAT score of 3500, will provide an in-depth breakdown of every question in the mock exam which you can watch at your leisure.

Limited Spots Only. Book Early.

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Simulation Mock Availability

Due to limited testing facilities, once we reach capacity we will be unable to provide more spots. Please book early to avoid disappointment. You can view available testing dates with slots remaining open in the calendar below. If you would like to book both mocks, select one and you will be offered to purchase a second mock for a discount.

First mock runs in the first two weeks of June. Second mock runs in the second two weeks of June. You can select which you prefer and book the preferred dates. If you would like to book both mocks, please first select Mock I and you will be offered to book Mock II.

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Our mentors are personally invested in your success.

We’re with you every step of the way.

Unhappy with your performance in your mock exam? Had a few particularly confusing questions? Our team, including Head tutor Sri is at your fingertips in our MissionMed UCAT Discord. You will go into your UCAT feeling confident and prepared.


Got any questions?

The mocks have been designed to be slightly harder than the real exam. This is to ensure that the real exam doesn’t catch any of our students out. Our mocks will also have valuable teaching points that even top students can benefit from

The value we provide is plentiful. Not only have the mocks been created specifically by a 3500 scorer who knows the UCAT in and out, but the mock center experience exactly simulates what you will experience on the day. You will also get the chance to compare yourself with other top students in NSW to be sure that you are ready for your exam!

Every day in June except Sundays (provided spots haven’t been booked out)
The mock itself will be 2 hours. However including check-in and check-out times, it will be around 2.5 hours. Please arrive around 20 minutes early on the day of your mock

Just like the real UCAT exam, your results should be instantly available after you complete your exam. You will be able to see your score and scaled score for every sub-test. You will also be able to see which questions you completed correctly, incorrectly and partially correctly.
The percentile – which is a calculation of how well you performed relative to the entire cohort of test takers – will be calculated at the end of the exam period when everyone has completed their exams. This will be made available to you after the exam period is complete. For Mock I the exam period ends on the 15th of June and Mock II ends on the 30th of June however we anticipate there may be time required to make the calculations.

Get ahead of the competition.

Sit the UCAT before the real UCAT.